Jessie Edwards-Thomas

Grey Areas is a collaborative piece of work commissioned by Bristol Photofestival and  The Arnolfini, supported by Golden Key. 

Ideas of Housing and Wellbeing were explored through a co-produced and co-designed collaborative piece of work.  Over the course of 6 months, Jessie worked with 5 individuals with past and/or present experience of homelessness (with complex needs).  The work reflected upon the experiences, feelings and perceptions of homelessness; thinking through the impact homelessness has upon our wellbeing and sense of belonging.

Thank you to Lu, Freddie, Alana, Lex and Jackie who made this work possible. 

The work was exhibited at The Arnolfini in the summer of 2021.

This original body of work was produced through Blueprint: Housing & Wellbeing, an artistic commission by Arnolfini and Bristol Photo Festival in collaboration with Golden Key Partnership supported by ArtFund and the Arts Council England.

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