Jessie Edwards-Thomas

The Polymorph is an imagined creature inspired by the symbols and structures of belonging and power in western society. However The Polymorph is also a fragile, tangible, otherly creature composed of earthly materials. The Polymorph is trapped in an age old story, a narrative repeating itself over and over, searching for home - a place to be ‘me’ with ‘you’.

The Polymorph was born from my unease with the representation of the individual today and more so the connection of the individual to others in society. The Polymorph is a storybook that explores themes of loneliness and alienation.I turned to fiction, where imagination is power, crossing the borders of reality into myth. Here the individual can venture into uncharted landscapes and become truly alien.

This work was created with mental health clients in high support, working with people who are in the homeless sector with complex needs. 

Work published in Journal, Photography & Culture. Find here.

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